OLI Models is an online hobby shop specializing in plastic and resin models kits, conversions and accessories. We also import products from number of small manufacturers, introducing them to our customers.
We started out building and displaying models as a hobby.  Like most modelers, though, we found our collection getting way too big for us to complete in several lifetimes.  In 2010, we started using eBay to try to reduce the size of our collection. Pretty soon, we had a booming eBay business.  
In 2012, we decided to start importing hard-to-find resin kits from the EU.  Due to growing sales and increased stock, we figured it was time to start our own independent online store.

In 2013 we started our own line of resin products, which hope to grow in coming years.

As fellow hobbyists, we understand how important service is.  We work hard to offer our customers fast and reliable service.